About Factory

Why choose us?

● 15 years professional lighting manufacturer  

● Export to more than 100 countries and over 2000 customers

● 15000m² factory a and 180 employees

● Monthly capacity over 150,000pcs, 98% on time delivery rate

● In-house testing lab to ensure 100% pre-production quality control

● 100% quality control to meet AQL standard

● Cooperating with international brands and chain-stores, such as SLV, Delta, LEDS-C4, Maxim, Home-depot etc

● 5 series/about 100pcs new products per year, with a budget of $20 million R&D fee per year

● In-house painting

● Enviromental friendly material and package

● 100% replacement in case of quality claim

● CE,ETL certificate

● ISO 9001 qualified

● Professional marketing material provided

Where is your factory address?

Address in English: 3rd kanglong Rd,Xinmao industrial Zone, Henglan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. Majeax lighting co.,ltd

Chinese: 中国广东省中山市横栏镇新茂工业区康龙三路15号.中山市麦杰照明科技有限公司

Which lights do you sell most?

I'm glad to share this catalog. Here are some popular and well-received products for your reference.

How many years has your company been in business?

We've been specializing in lighting for 15 years.

What are these lights made of?

This one is made with high strength cement and our special blend.

How many people are there in your factory?

Currently there are 200.

How big is your factory?

Our factory covers an area of 15000m².

About Products

What drives this light?

This lamp is usually quoted as XX driver, is that OK?

Can we do adjustable drive?

I will check with the engineer, do you want thyristor adjustable, 01-10V or DALI? Do you have any brand requirements?

Can you send more spare parts?

May I ask why spare parts are needed? How many do you need?

What's the difference between adjustable mesh and non-adjustable mesh?

Adjustable mesh is suitable for ceilings with a thickness of 9-15mm, and products with fixed mesh are suitable for ceilings with a thickness of 12mm.

What is the minimum order quantity of the customized model, the mold cost and the price of the standard model?

Customized products need to be calculated according to the size and configuration of the product, and an accurate answer can only be given based on the actual product.

Why can cement lamp have color difference?

The cement material is natural, and other ingredients besides cement are mixed in it, which makes it difficult to control the color of the cement so that there is no color difference.

Why aren't outdoor lights supplied with cables?

The scenarios used by each customer are different, and the length of the wires is also difficult to unify. Therefore, outdoor products are equipped with waterproof connectors, and customers can directly connect the wires to the product.

What is color temperature?

Color temperature refers to the color of light that can be seen from the LED, usually 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, etc.

What is manifestation?

The index refers to the color rendering ability of the light source to the object. The higher the CRI, the more realistic the color reproduction ability.

What are the brands of LED drivers?

Philips, OSRAM, SECOCO, Kegu, Allooking.

About Delivery

Can you help deliver it?

Where should we send it, please? We can deliver within ZhongShan City for free.

What clause is free to the door?

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) are two common Incoterms used in international trade to define the responsibilities and costs of the buyer and seller in the transportation of goods.

How many MC-9131 can a 20-foot full tank hold?

According to the calculation that a 20'' container can load 28CBM of goods, it can load about 531 cartons of 9131 (12744 pieces).

Why does the sample need 15 days?

The time is mainly spent on the procurement of accessories.

Why is the delivery date 45 days?

Because our products are not in stock, all ordered products need to go through multiple links such as procurement, production, and quality inspection. So it takes 45 days for delivery.

About Certification

What are the drivers of Australian certification?


What are the drivers of Korean certification?


What are the brands that drive European certification?

Mainly with CE.

Do you have UL certification?

Yes, some items we have UL or ETL, do you need UL for whole lamp?

About Service

Do you have free samples?

How many pcs would you need? We normally charge 3times of the original price, but the overcharge will be refunded accordingly after official order.

Why triple the price of the sample?

We attach great importance to every customer who places a sample, but the production cost of the sample is more expensive than the cost of mass production. For customers who may place orders in the future, we will return the overcharged sample fee, and for customers who fail to place orders, we can also reasonably control the cost of expenditure.

Do you have any sales or discounts?

We occasionally offer promotions or discounts on our products. Please let us know if you are interested, and we can provide more information on current offers.

Can I have this order appraised first?

Let me send drawing to engineer for evaluation, may I know how many pcs would you need?

Can you give us FOB price?

Yes, FOB zhongshan can be for FCL.